Happy Fall Y’all

Driving home recently my three-year-old shouted, “I’m so excited to go apple picking!” This excitement, the daily question of when we’re also going pumpkin picking, and his intent to wish people wherever we go a happy fall means a dream is coming true: I’ve passed on my love of this season. Double win, the baby’s fascination with our autumnal wreath and other decor tells me he’s on the right track too. I love the small parenting victories. Continue reading


Out of Office Reply

Between preparing for a family vacation, working on a group project with a looming deadline, and everyone in my household deciding it was a fine time to be sick, there is no post coming this month. (Or can I count this???) Instead, I’m choosing rest. If anyone reading feels overwhelmed and exhausted, I hope this may encourage you to find rest. Whether it be cutting yourself slack on your self-imposed deadlines or trusting that no IS an acceptable answer to what someone else is asking of you.


The Story of Summer

Once upon a time there was a mommy who signed her child up to do fun activities. Fun activities he asked and said he wanted to do. Each night before the fun activities, the mommy would prepare all the needed things. Clothes picked out. Snacks packed. Alarms set so the mommy wouldn’t oversleep (as if that were even possible for a mommy of small children with no reverence for sleeping in). Continue reading

Progress Report: Goals

I don’t have a habit of making New Year’s resolutions, but I did set a few goals for 2019. Now that it’s about to be halfway through the year, I’m happy to say it’s been going well. I’m disappointed in myself, however, to have taken this long to recognize my goals have an alliterative theme. Continue reading


I didn’t know what to write about this month. I even had a break from other projects that gave me a little extra time to sit and figure it out, but all my ideas stayed filed under “maybe later.” To be honest, I really wanted that extra time to relax, so I did. After all, inspiration often strikes when I’m not looking for it. This time? Nope. So here I am, on the final day of May, writing about nothing. Continue reading

Filling Fear

As a rule-follower, I am often so scared of getting into trouble that even the thought of it is enough to make me anxious. Naturally, I used to think a cavity would get me in trouble with the dentist. Every six months, a pounding heart and sweaty palms would accompany me to my routine dental exam and cleaning, and each visit always ended in relief. The hygienist even threw around comments about my “perfect teeth.” I was consistent in this way into adulthood, to the point where I naively assumed I was set for life. In reality, I was set for 28 years, 42 weeks, and three days. Continue reading

Newbery Update: Wrapping Up the 1920s

Before my first child was born, I set a goal to read through the Newbery list. I finished the reading, but got way behind on publishing my reviews. In order to finally bring that series up to date, I’m changing my approach. Instead of a separate review post for each book, I’ll summarize by decade, starting with a wrap-up of the 1920s. Continue reading

Every Moment

When my firstborn was seven months old, we went on vacation for a week. A feat, for sure, and full of good memories, but when we returned home, he looked so much older. What the heck was in that beach air?

Now, I look at his baby brother who is too quickly nearing that same age and decide time is a fleeting, fickle thing. “They grow up so fast,” new parents hear from well-meaning family, friends, and strangers. “Cherish every moment.” Continue reading


Two years and two kids later…

Hello, poor neglected blog. Life has been full.

Repeatedly, the busier my schedule, the less writing I accomplish. One of my goals this year is to get back to writing regularly, beginning with reviving my blog. I’m starting small, aiming for at least one post a month (sneaking in at almost the last minute, January). I’ll be wrapping up topics and ideas started before my break and am considering a fresh look in addition to new content.

Although a brief check-in to start, I’m back.

How I Voted

Deciding to vote early, my husband and I head out on a sunny, quiet Saturday afternoon with our little one. We’re happy the polling place is uncrowded when we arrive and our baby loves any reason to be in the carrier, observing the world while snuggling his mom.

We’re directed to our respective voting booths, the curtain is closed, and the dance begins. With all my preparation, I neglected to consider the height of the voting machine and the obstruction my son’s head would be to checking off my preferred boxes. I alternate making quarter turns to the left and right as I page through the selections and my son watches the sunlight filtering through the curtain. Can I touch it? he wonders. Yes. Continue reading