I failed as a blogger for about two years. I could not get into it because I could not settle on what my purpose was for blogging. I have figured that out this time (I hope).

I have gone back to my original intent — writing for the enjoyment of writing. As a little girl, I surrounded myself with books and determined I would grow up to be a writer. Reality likes to trample on dreams, sadly, as not all of my grown-up jobs have included writing. Still, I have not given up, and I have stories written I would love to see published. Someday.

In the meantime, there is this little thing called the Internet. Yes, I am aware of the self-publishing avenues for books provided by this marvel, but I cannot bring myself to cross that line yet. I am a bit old fashioned and traditional I suppose, wishing my books to be recognized and published by the bigwigs from the start. That, and I am not completely won over by the e-reader — how can people deprive their senses of the smell of a good book? I accept I might have to give in a little to fulfill my childhood dreams, but until then, I am willing to self-publish via the blog.

One thing that is both wonderful and terrible about self-publishing, especially in blog form, is anyone can do it. Consequently, there is a lot out there not worth reading and the editor in me often cringes when reading writings on the Web. Is my writing flawless? Better than everyone else’s? Ha! I promise I know better. My goal, however, is for my words to be among those worth reading amidst the babble.


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