Thinking About Guidelines and Goals

To share some brainstorming, and because who doesn’t enjoy a top-10 list, the following provides a little more insight into my blogging intentions. First off, the lengthier explanation — what this blog is not:

1). An invitation into our home. My hubby and I bought a new home this year. It’s in decent condition, but needs updating here and there. We like to DIY whenever possible, and while we’re documenting the changes with photographs for ourselves, we’re not sharing our home with the world. We’re introverts. We socialize, but we like our share of privacy, too. Besides, there are many talented DIY-ers out there doing amazing work and sharing it online. Though not my focus for writing, I know I’ll be looking at those blogs when in need of home improvement inspiration.

2). TMI. As I said, we’re introverts. Actually, mankind recently lost my favor (I must have been reading the news) and I told my husband I wanted to be a hermit, but he could come be a hermit with me. Also, we could still go see family, and friends could visit from time to time. Yeah, I wouldn’t make a very good hermit, would I? Shy as I am, I still enjoy company, but I don’t require being constantly in the limelight. Consequently, I expect not to delve too deep into my personal life on here. That’s why I also have a journal.

3). A place for rants and arguments. I can’t deny I’ll climb on the ol’ soapbox now and then. I have my beliefs and opinions. I am, however, not one to engage in frequent debate online or out in the world. So please, if you start following my blog or stopping by now and then, don’t hesitate to comment, but keep it respectful. I also lack much of a thick skin, so be kind.

4). Recipe central. I love to cook, bake, try out new recipes … but if I lacked dedication in keeping up with my former blogging, there’s no way I would succeed at frequently posting new and flavorful recipes. As with home improvement, there are people who document this much better than I would.

Wow, so that wasn’t quite 10. Must try harder next time — noted.

Now that I shared what this blog is not, what can you expect? Reflections, anecdotes, maybe a review here and there… It sounds vague, but it is that simple — whatever strikes me as worth writing about, and (I hope) what anyone who stumbles upon my blog finds worth reading.


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