The (Real) End of Summer

Well, here we are — the official end of summer.

Even when I lived by a school calendar, I never bought into the Memorial Day to Labor Day summer mentality. For one thing, my pre-college school days didn’t break for summer until almost a month after Memorial Day. I also recall enough hot and sticky September days that evidenced summer’s refusal to be pushed aside early for school buses, last week’s frost, or pumpkin spice lattes.

But tomorrow I will happily pull out autumnal house decorations and begin looking forward to fall foliage and the eventual frost that will mean a blessed respite from pulling weeds. Summer is fun; yard work is not. (Before someone jumps in about raking leaves, remember that at least fall leaf piles provide entertainment for those of us who are young at heart.)

As summer passes, I also hope to dedicate more time to the blog.

Blog writing, or publishing, rather, took a back seat this summer. Sometimes I don’t think it even made it into the car. I started several posts, some as jotted down ideas, others as almost completely written pieces, but few earned a click of the publish button.

It would be easy to say things were too busy, which is true to an extent. Housework often took precedence (especially when we had company coming) and travel played a role in getting us out of the house and away from computers.

Fall won’t mean less to do and I know I’ll continue to juggle maintaining a household with establishing a work-from-home writing career. What I need to work on is setting a time for non-assignment writing, especially since assignments are in a bit of dry spell at the moment. (That’s my husband’s advice to produce more blog content — treat it like a job rather than something I do only if I have time.)

Now would be the point where I declare some sort of goal, such as a new post every three days, but I don’t make promises unless I know I’ll keep them. So let’s settle with the broader goal of writing more and see where it leads. I, for one, would like to see it accompanied by apple crisp and pumpkin bread. “Write while deliciousness is baking” seems like a delightful start to a new schedule. I love fall.


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