Why I Can’t Wait for Spring

I’m noticing a trend here, as I write yet another seasonal blog post. No matter, I’m over winter a month ago, and every day it persists I’m reminded of what I’m looking forward to when it’s finally over.

Warmth. (Pardon me for stating the obvious.) I don’t ever like being cold. Spring, for me, is ideal because it’s that blissful time without need of the extra layers essential to survive winter’s drafts and summer’s air conditioning.

Humidity. Sure, I’ll probably curse the humidity come the warmer months when my hair expands to fro-like proportions, but the effects of static aren’t much better. I want it to be safe to walk across the carpet and flip on a light switch again. Plus, my skin will be so much happier; what I’ll save on lotion I can put toward hair products.

Fun outdoor activities. Sledding is fun, as is snowshoeing and going on sleigh rides. But when it’s too cold to enjoy any of those things for more than two minutes, I’m ready to move on to hikes, bike rides, and, to renew energy for the next bout of exercise, outdoor meals. All in the warm sunshine. [Cue contented sigh.]

The color green. I am done with seeing the white, gray, black, and brown of death every time I look out the window. Anyone still describing the snow as “pretty” needs to stop (a month ago, like winter). It was pretty in December. Now it’s disgusting. Bring on the green and smell of fresh cut grass, budding flowers and … allergies. Yes, at this point I’ll even welcome the allergies.

Organization. I love to organize. (To be clear, that’s organize, not clean.) First up this spring is the garage. I plan to clear it out, make use of storage space, and do whatever else it takes to improve the catchall for my husband’s toys tools.

A change of clothes. Another cold day, another opening of my dresser and deciding to wear that sweater … again. I could buy new sweaters, but spring wardrobe weather would be more economical as all my spring clothes will seem new. Then I can admire my impeccable taste with the discovery of that fashionable top I forgot I owned.

At least while I wait I’m not struggling with boredom. (Only boring people get bored, right Mom?) Bored with nothing to do? I don’t know what that’s like, because there’s always something to do around the house. My version of boredom isn’t the lack of something to do, rather, it’s the lack of something I want to do. Sometimes, however, I manage to come up with several things to do instead of the thing I don’t want to do. “Oh I could iron, but we need to use up those eggs, and muffins sound delicious…” Really, give me a warm home stocked with food and books and I’m content. Let it snow. But don’t actually snow anymore — I’m over it, remember?


2 thoughts on “Why I Can’t Wait for Spring

  1. I live in Florida, where the grass is always greener on the other side when it comes to our longing for a real winter. This year, however, the envy has been much quieter as we are bombarded by news stories of insane snow storms.

    • Thanks for reading my post! I’ve always lived somewhere with a real winter and, to be honest, I think I’d miss it if I lived in a warmer climate. That said, I’d still love if it could be shorter than the other three seasons, especially having experienced early and late snowfall cutting into fall and spring.

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