Book Review Rating Process

Before I get back to posting Newbery book reviews, I thought I would explain my rating process. Since I’m tracking my reading progress on Goodreads, I adopted a one to five rating scale. Instead of stars (because I find it amusing), I assign an item or theme from the book being reviewed. For The Story of Mankind, that item was missing maps.

So far, my review drafts contain an abundance of low ratings. Maybe I’m a tough grader, but this is the criteria for my rating scale:

One — Officially ranks with all other books I despise. Only kidding — a despised book would get a zero, if I even finished reading it. A one means I’m struggling to find something positive to say, and while I read all of it, I wish I had that time back.

Two — Meh. It’s all right, but I don’t care to read it again.

Three — I liked it, but I don’t need to own it and may or may not reread it.

Four — I liked it enough to want my own copy if I don’t have one already. (Friends and family, please take note of this gifting idea.)

Five — Oh my goodness. Gush, gush, gush. Up there with anything else I’ve labelled the BEST. BOOK. EVER. If I don’t already own it, I will soon because I am emotionally moved/changed for life/not dramatic at all.

Of course, reviewing is subjective, so I hope my low ratings won’t discourage anyone from setting a Newbery books reading goal. While some books have been tough to get through, my first reread of a childhood favorite did not disappoint and provided timely motivation. Once I start posting about books that earned a five though, I promise to try not to gush too much.


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