Deck the Halls (And the Blog)


Readers of my blog around this time last year likely caught on to my love of the Christmas season. (There may have been an overabundant use of exclamation points.) Well, Christmastime is here again and I am at my traditional level of excitement with decking the halls — and the blog.

While last year I went for a festive header (and started with the same idea this year), I decided on a temporary change of theme. Perhaps inspiration came from the annual WordPress provision of falling snow on my page. Maybe the emailed pictures of my niece today brought out my love for all things adorable. Whatever the reason, it’s been an extra dose of fun to decorate my little corner of the Web this December.

As I said, the decor will be temporary, much as it is in our homes, so expect things to go back to how they were sometime in March come January. Although, I am contemplating a fresh look for the new year, as I do appreciate a change of scenery now and then. No decision yet, as there is too much gift wrapping and mailing to occupy my attention at the moment. (And let’s not forget baking. My husband has been requesting ginger snaps since October. There you go, dear, now it’s in writing that I hear you.)

In other Christmas news related to the blog, I’m working on an anecdote from Christmas past. Look for that little peek into my childhood in the coming week or so. In the meantime, hope it’s shaping up to be a merry holiday!



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