Vacation Hesitation

P1010929Who doesn’t love vacation? Traveling somewhere new, seeing the sights, relaxing without paying heed to a clock all make for a fantastic experience. As a kid who loved to read, I imagined one day I would grow up and travel around the world to some of the places in my books. A few of my childhood travel dreams have come true, but I’ve discovered it was a lot simpler back when I had parents in charge of all the details to make a trip happen. Though I haven’t yet refused to travel because of the more stressful parts of the process, there are a few things that can make me hesitate to venture far.

Missing the comforts of home. Two years ago, my husband and I relocated and bought a house. As we pulled out of the driveway for our first trip away from our new home, I whined (because I am never dramatic), “I miss our house!” Not that I wasn’t excited about our impending travels, but it’s comfortable being in your own house, sleeping in your own bed, and knowing where to find everything. For me, the first couple of nights in a new bed are always the toughest for falling asleep without hours of tossing and turning. Of course, I’ll have to readjust once I get back to my home bed. Thanks, irony.

The chore of packing. Packing reminds me how much I will also miss my closet. I might pack one outfit only to realize later the one I really want is at home, hence my indecisiveness. Or I might repeat the time I packed sneakers but no socks for a weekend trip that was intended to include a lot of walking. It would be easier if I could pack the whole closet, which is why I wish I could have Hermione’s handbag from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I could pack everything I could possibly need for an adventure a vacation and it would all fit into one small, easy to carry (not to mention stylish), bag. I no longer wish for any superpower, only Hermione’s handbag and all its magical properties.

When I can’t wait for it to endNot all travel equals vacation. It can be fun to get to be somewhere new while on business or visit extended family, but these trips don’t always offer the rest expected from a vacation. Business trips are not an escape from work, and some don’t involve seeing much outside of the airport and another office. It’s nice seeing loved ones and sad saying goodbye, especially when separated by long distances, but family visits are not always full of good times. To be honest, there are some people whose company is more enjoyable than others, even (and sometimes especially) within our families. Then there are the instances when a trip is the stuff of nightmares. Lost luggage, sudden illnesses, rotten weather, and other mishaps prove sometimes there’s a need for a vacation from the initial vacation.

I have to be careful not to let the things I dislike be roadblocks to my willingness to travel. It’s easier to stay in the comfort zone of home and avoid the stress of preparation and the potential for a vacation gone bad. A staycation isn’t a bad alternative, but I need to remind myself it can be worth the effort to get out and explore. Otherwise, I’ll be missing out on the chance to make memories that are worth the inconveniences.


One thought on “Vacation Hesitation

  1. I completely agree with missing home. As much as I love travelling, there is nothing better than sleeping in your own bed, especially after being away for a few weeks! 🙂

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